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Scientists’ role in the opioid crisis, 3D-printed candy proteins, and summer books

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3D-printed candy with podcast symbol overlay
K. Baumer et al., Science Advances 2021

First this week, Editor-in-Chief Holden Thorp talks with author Patrick Radden Keefe about his book Empire of Pain and the role scientists, regulators, and physicians played in the rollout of Oxycontin and the opioid crisis in the United States.

Next, Katelyn Baumer, a Ph.D. student in the chemistry and biochemistry department at Baylor University, talks with host Sarah Crespi about Baumer's Science Advances paper on 3D printing proteins using candy

Finally, book review editor Valerie Thompson takes us on a journey through some science-y summer reads—from the future of foods to a biography of the color blue.

This week’s episode was produced with help from Podigy.

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